Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preview of "A Detroit Workforce United" Event

Today, the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund gathered various members of the metro Detroit community for a conversation titled "A Detroit Workforce United". We were pleased to host nearly 100 people from various backgrounds, including community based organizations, training organizations, economic development organizations from the city and state level, philanthropists, community colleges, and many more. We were also excited to bring in leaders from two nationally recognized workforce coalition, who shared their expertise and discussed how to implement best practices locally;  Carrie Thomas, from the Chicago Jobs Council and Ann Donner, from the Commonwealth Workforce Coalition in Boston.

Overall, discussion focused on the future implementation of a Detroit workforce coalition. 
Check back tomorrow for a closer look at the outcome of the event!

Ann Donner from the Commonwealth Workforce Coalition shares successes from Boston

Carrie Thomas from the Chicago Jobs Council 
shares their unique strategies for workforce development

  The discussion encouraged collaboration of all participants

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