Thursday, February 2, 2012

Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan

The Detroit Regional Workforce Fund is proud to support the efforts of the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC)-MI, an organization seeking to change the landscape of how Detroit residents, who are seeking careers in food service, are viewed. The transformation will occur through multiple efforts; advocacy, soft-skills training, industry specific training, community awareness, and the preparation and servicing of "good food!".

The latter effort will be executed at COLORS-Detroit, a new full-service restaurant located in Detroit's Harmonie Park district. COLORS will provide skills to many local residents who are currently employed in the restaurant industry and would like to increase their skills for career advancement. Also, there is a training track for those who seek to become employed in the industry as well.

Having a progressive and innovative entity like ROC-MI, supporting equality and career pathways  for low-skilled, low-waged workers in the city is invaluable to Detroit's revitalization. As our city develops and more fine dinning restaurants begin to emerge, our workforce will be able to connect to viable and financially sustaining opportunities in the sector. 

To read about COLORS in the news, check out this article from the Detroit News and this article from Huffpost Detroit.

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